Michael Manjarris, Sculptor


Michael Manjarris has studied in Ireland, Cuba, Spain, Mexico, and Italy. At first, he worked in whatever material was at hand: limestone, rope, clay, dirt, broken glass, cotton, or rubble. Yet, in a true Modernist vein, he always made geometric constructions of classical elegance, related to human scale.

The impact of Manjarris’s work derives from its tremendous versatility. His changing themes, however, are not accompanied, as is often the case, by skepticism or the hunt for novelty at any price. On the contrary, the different themes stem from a constantly renewed diversity of interest, an ongoing, pure and candid amazement at the world, with all its folds and creases.

Ileana Marcoulesco is a writer based in Houston, Texas. For full article, please see Sculpture Magazine, October 2002.